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31 December 2019

End of the year

Lorenzo Breschi

Dear Colleagues,

December 2019 marks the first “Christmas Season” since the introduction of Dentistry33.
It is therefore time to end the year with a look back to the work we have done and to the topics we have covered and to thank the people who have contributed to the success of our page during these months. Most importantly, it is the time of the year to thank our readers for being with us and for inspiring us to publish new and relevant topics concerning dentistry every single week.
We have strived to provide dentists with up-to-date and important clinical themes dealing with digital dentistry, endodontics, implantology, oral hygiene, oral pathology, oral surgery, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontology, prosthodontics and restorative dentistry.
Each of these branches undergoes dynamic changes in the course of time, and we consider our task not only to keep theoretical pace with them, but also to implement them in our everyday practice, which is then followed by presentation and creative discussion of the achieved results through this interactive website.
We strongly believe in the power of international connections, as well as in international exchange of knowledge and clinical skills. Our ultimate goal remains to provide patients with state-of-the-art dentistry, based on scientific facts and clinical experience. As we move into 2020, please feel free to contact us with your suggestions which would help our interactive page to continue to grow.  

Lastly, I would like to wish every dentist, their family and friends, a Merry Christmas and joyful holidays.
May you have a successful and memorable 2020.  

Lorenzo Breschi


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