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Zirconia (ZrO2) is currently one of the most used and promising restorative materials in dentistry due to its excellent mechanical properties, good biocompatibility and satisfying aesthetic...

By Lorenzo Breschi and Carlo D’Alessandro

In recent years, the use of preheated resin composites as a luting agent for indirect restorations has gained significant attention as an alternative to resin cements. 

By Lorenzo Breschi and Annamaria Forte

In the presence of extensive carious lesion of primary teeth, or those that have undergone pulp therapy, full coverage restorations or crowns can be proposed as treatment options. 

By Arianna Bianchi

The extraction of a very damaged tooth and its replacement with an implant represents a common therapeutic choice. It is also necessary to underline how the survival rate of implants is lower than...

Bruxoff is a portable sleep bruxism assessment device that combines electromyography and heart rate assessment. In this study, authors investigated the reliability and validity of the device...

Recently, new methods have been proposed for making posts and abutments using digital technology. To date, few studies have investigated the accuracy of digitally fabricated pins by comparing them...

Researchers evaluated the restorative preferences for endodontically treated teeth of dentists and dental students. The study was published in October 2021 in The Journal of Prosthetic...

By Lorenzo Breschi and Diego D’Urso

The purpose of using biomimetic concept is to conserve tooth structure and vitality, increase the longevity of restorative dental treatments, and eliminate the need for future retreatment. Singer et...

Laborie et al. conducted a systematic review to compare the wear resistance of resin-ceramic materials with other resin-ceramic materials and lithium disilicate reinforced ceramics. 

In this paper, researchers reviewed and discussed eight articles published between 2017 to 2022 describing clinical characteristics of posterior teeth with cracks and their treatment and outcomes.

There are various types of materials used to perform this type of restoration.  But which of these has a better mechanical behavior?

This in-vitro study aimed to study the stress distribution within the ceramic veneer-tooth system with two incisal preparation designs-butt joint and feathered edge.

The authors used a functionally suitable digital complete denture and conventional complete denture restorations to make two dentures each for 10 edentulous patients. 

A new book from Fahey offers practical applications and solutions for simplifying dental implant cases. 

New manual available from Edra Publishing

“Guided Surgery:  Making Implant Placement Simpler” offers a path for clinicians to learn more about the fascinating world of computer guided implant surgery. 

Researchers sought to measure the association between gunshot wound location and the need for operative treatment.

By Dr. Francisco García Torres and Alexander Lichtmannegger

The article presents a case made for a young patient with generic dental wear, loss of vertical dimension, interference in the posterior area and absence of canine and anterior guidance. 

Researchers shared tips for occlusion, highlighting that this contact between teeth should be at the forefront to improve patient outcomes. 

In fixed prosthetic rehabilitations supported by natural teeth, one of the most important objectives is the bio integration between the prosthetic product and the periodontal tissues. 

“Guided Surgery:  Making Implant Placement Simpler” is a valuable manual for virtual surgical planning, providing a path for clinicians to learn more...

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