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In the dental sector, more than 10 million teeth are extracted worldwide every year. Among the most common complications that occur following tooth extractions are pain, swelling and trismus,...

Those who have had surgical obesity treatment have a higher risk of dental caries than before surgery. They also often experience a general decline in oral health. This has been shown by a thesis...

This study aimed to explore the influence of alveolar bone morphologic variables on the outcome of guided bone regeneration in the anterior maxilla region.

Oral surgery     24 September 2023

Facial injuries in the NBA

Sport injuries can negatively impact physical and psychological aspects of athletes. There is a gap in the literature regarding facial trauma present in basketball.

Soccer is one of the most popular sports worldwide. However, it has risks of injury to craniomaxillofacial regions such as the head, neck and mouth.

To mitigate the effects of anxiety, alternative techniques have been studied, such as psychological distraction to control anxiety and perioperative pain. These methods do not involve any risk for...

Sports dentistry has traditionally focused on epidemiology and prevention of orofacial trauma. But there is increasing evidence that exercise training and competition, particularly at the elite...

By Kardelen Koldas, Rutgers School of Dental Medicine

Alberto Gracia had trigeminal neuralgia. It’s a condition where the trigeminal nerve — responsible for sensation to the face — is contacted by a blood vessel. This creates episodic electric...

The objective of the study is to provide surgeons with a reference to optimize surgical procedures that can result in improved hygiene, long-term maintenance, acceptable functional and esthetic...

Social media platforms can be used as a source of information for patients seeking health care information. However, the quality of health information on these platforms is not clear and...

By Arianna Bianchi

The extraction of wisdom teeth sometimes presents a challenge for dentists and patients, especially in the case of complex interventions and due to the anatomy that these dental elements have with...

By Angela Nelson, TuftsNow

About 165 students from the medical, dental, and veterinary schools at Tufts recently took part in the Comparative Anatomy Exchange Day, or CadEx for short.

Current literature has shown a direct association between biomarkers and adverse stimuli that determine anxiogenic responses. 

This scoping review and analysis were designed to assess the amount of time spent delivering photobiomodulation light therapy after dental extraction to improve postoperative pain and wound healing.

Management of asymptomatic malposed third molars is a controversial topic. As a result, many malposed or mildly pathologic third molars are not removed.

The authors designed this study to validate the hypothesis that routine blanket glucocorticoid supplementation is unnecessary during minor oral surgical procedures under local anesthesia.

The inaugural symposium of the NYU Pain Research Center, held on March 7, 2023 at the NYU Kimmel Center, featured research presentations by prominent American and Canadian pain scientists.

The American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery examined a total of 410 candidates, marking the second largest administration in ABOMS history.

Third molar surgery is one of the most commonly performed operations, usually associated with high anxiety. The purpose of this study was to determine if patients' anxiety would reduce if consent was...

By Davide Bencivenni, Pierantonio Bellini, Camilla Garuti, Ugo Consolo

The authors aim to define a complete picture of the current clinical applications of L-PRF and to share preliminary clinical cases.

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