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Increasing Prevalence of Dental Problems or Untreated Tooth Decay Coupled with the Rising Geriatric Population Drives Growth

The rising incidence of tooth decay or dental caries, and other dental problems such as mouth sores, tooth erosion, gum diseases, and others along with increasing awareness regarding oral health...

Editorials     24 March 2023

Don’t make predictions

Peter Lynch is one of America's top investors with a background in mutual fund management. He is famous for his frank language and his strong opinions, such as the one about the uselessness of...

By Valentina Viganò

As a nod to women pioneers in dental science, Oral Diseases and its Editor in Chief Prof. Giovanni Lodi, has dedicated a special issue that was published March 7. 

Experience and knowledge become indispensable factors that can help you move with greater awareness in a context that remains challenging and complex for equity markets.

To dominate dental referrals for general dentists and dental specialists, the same applies. You must track key referral metrics, get trained on how to manage...

Editorials     10 March 2023

Look, but do not copy

Thanks to this public document known as 13F, which can be viewed on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website, even small investors can see what large investors and funds have bought and...

Usually, interest in handling market crashes increases when a financial meltdown is underway. 

There was a question that journalists of the time often asked themselves: "Will investors still buy the American public debt?" 

The strategy to deal with risk requires a systematic and conscious approach and a well-set plan.

The credibility of scientific journals remains an issue of great complexity, writes Professor Gagliani. 

The meeting will feature leading dental speakers presenting unparalleled continuing education and the industry’s top exhibitors. 

There is no official designation on Wall Street, but a bear market typically begins when an index falls 20% below its previous high and ends when it rebounds 20% from its low. 

The cause of all the major financial collapses of the modern era, however, cannot be attributed to derivatives.

A marketing budget can get out of hand very quickly. You need to make sure you know what type of marketing is most needed and what will work best for you, your community and audience. 

Editorials     30 January 2023

Vertical fracture of the root

A recent literature search reveals exceptional cases in which situations of vertical root fractures are solved with the most extraordinary concoctions.

We have witnessed a sharp decline in all the main stock exchanges, especially the ones in America with very strong weekly or daily rebounds. 

The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery SurgiCenter will initially serve more than 150 patients per year, a number that will increase as its care team expands.

Doing aesthetics is a professional imperative because patients require it and because we could recommend it without being considered speculators.

Loan repayment grant helps dentists provide community dentistry

The loan repayment grant program helps dentists provide community dentistry.

Financial consequences are connected to our level of knowledge of knowing how to administer, defend and increase assets.

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