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Within the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, target 5.5 aims to ensure women's full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in political,...

By Kimber Solana

Dental schools are an integral factor in filling the shortage of dentists in the U.S. Several recently opened dental schools have cited the insufficient supply of dentists as a key reason why more...

Editorials     15 September 2023

Don’t panic, plan it

The first reaction during a period of high market volatility could be to panic. But it’s better to avoid that and to instead plan.

Oral health and systemic health are strongly linked to lifestyles which, if not correct, can increase the risk of periodontal and systemic diseases. ...

CDA's team of experienced staffers can discuss one-on-one what early career dentists should do if they want to purchase a practice. 

The technology behind the blockchain is appealing. It exploits the characteristics of a computer network of nodes to manage a ledger that collects data without requiring a central control or...

By Caleb Vierkant

The Health Professional Scholarship Program is meant to help students focus on getting through dental school without having to worry about student debt.

China, India, the Middle East and other Asia-Pacific and Latin American countries present a lucrative opportunity for players in the market. 

UCLA School of Dentistry published a series of stories to introduce students who are making the most of their dental school experience. Jay Patel, D.D.S. ‘25, is Associated Student Body president...

By Stacie Crozier

The Hawaii Dental Association Foundation, with support from the Hawaii Dental Association, established a special Disaster Relief Fund to provide immediate support for dentists who have been affected...

By Mariana Lenharo, Nature News

An analysis of hundreds of publications finds limited efforts to accommodate scientists who are not native English speakers.

The Dow Jones lost 22.6% within a single trading day. This is the largest percentage decline ever recorded; neither before nor after has there been a more significant drop.

Stocks yield more than other assets, provided that the investment duration is sufficiently long. Therefore, proper planning must consider the time horizon. 

The global market stood at $17 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.54% during the forecast period. The increase is due to increasing awareness about dental hygiene and a rise in...

By Kristen Tribe, Texas A&M Dentistry News

Funded by the National Library of Medicine, the program gives students tools to analyze data, connect it to behavioral sciences and utilize findings to better understand the oral healthcare needs of...

By Dr. Lindsey Robinson, associate editor, Journal of the California Dental Association

From a macro lens, there are major forces driving change in the health care system today. These are a result of the increasing cost of health care, variability in quality produced by a fragmented...

Dental staff will provide motivational reinforcement for the correct lifestyles for appropriate management of dental and periodontal health during orthodontic treatment.

In the U.S., a 2021 report from the Milken Institute concluded that the financial literacy outlook was “grim.” 

Editorials     11 August 2023

Time is on my side

We must offer patients affordable standards of care with interesting and favorable paybacks, in terms of working time, for us and for them.

Practice revenues between 2018 to 2022 increased by 2.2 percent compared with 2013 to 2017, while expenses rose by 7.7 percent over the same intervals.

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