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Increasing Prevalence of Dental Problems or Untreated Tooth Decay Coupled with the Rising Geriatric Population Drives Growth

The rising incidence of tooth decay or dental caries, and other dental problems such as mouth sores, tooth erosion, gum diseases, and others along with increasing awareness regarding oral health...

The meeting will feature leading dental speakers presenting unparalleled continuing education and the industry’s top exhibitors. 

The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery SurgiCenter will initially serve more than 150 patients per year, a number that will increase as its care team expands.

Loan repayment grant helps dentists provide community dentistry

The loan repayment grant program helps dentists provide community dentistry.

Quartey is a new mom, dental practice owner, an advocate for female dentists and a spokesperson for the ADA.

Drs. Meredith Bailey and Alex Mellion said that clinicians represent their profession even when they are not practicing in offices. 

Dentists with a partner or spouse earned more than those without a significant other

The dental workforce is diversifying, but sex and racial disparities in income persist. The income gap between the sexes, although reduced over time, is now less explainable than in the past.

The findings stem from annual national consumer surveys conducted from 2017 to 2022 commissioned by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Student and faculty volunteers cared for several dozen homeless individuals who received free dental screenings and basic oral health care.

A trio of dental experts share hot topics and predictions in dentistry for 2023.

Appointment announced during the International Congress in Santiago, Chile

Cotti is a full professor of conservative dentistry and director of the level II master’s program in clinical and surgical endodontics at the University of...

'We're seeing more of ourselves'

Dr. Tricia Quartey talked with Dentistry33 about women in leadership roles, new products and her priorities for 2023. 

Market     24 December 2022

U.S. dental spending up in 2021: ADA

Dental spending in 2021 was higher than its pre-pandemic level.

Results from a recent ADA poll found that 83% of dentists outside of Massachusetts believe requiring dental plans to spend a set percentage of premiums collected...

Researchers found at least one post-COVID-19 symptom in 67.5% of patients who had not needed hospital care, according to a new study with 700 patients conducted...

The goal of the center is to inform and advance research and policy to promote optimal oral health care for children.

Session explored ways to respond to ‘fake news’ claims

The session explored core principles of evidence-based dentistry and potential consequences associated with the spread of disinformation.

World’s largest dental show to be held March 14 to 18, 2023 in Cologne

In recent years, the IDS has seen an increased interest in sustainability, following market trends.

The increase is based on more patient populations suffering from malocclusions and increasing technological advancements.

Growth is expected due to demand for cosmetic dentistry and expansion of emerging markets worldwide.

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