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The cause of all the major financial collapses of the modern era, however, cannot be attributed to derivatives.

A marketing budget can get out of hand very quickly. You need to make sure you know what type of marketing is most needed and what will work best for you, your community and audience. 

Editorials     30 January 2023

Vertical fracture of the root

A recent literature search reveals exceptional cases in which situations of vertical root fractures are solved with the most extraordinary concoctions.

We have witnessed a sharp decline in all the main stock exchanges, especially the ones in America with very strong weekly or daily rebounds. 

Doing aesthetics is a professional imperative because patients require it and because we could recommend it without being considered speculators.

Financial consequences are connected to our level of knowledge of knowing how to administer, defend and increase assets.

The four C’s of implementing innovative technology in your dental practice include: communication, coordination, conviction and consultant.

The first thing you should do is to try not to panic and move as rationally as possible, leaving emotions aside.

Dental practice management software can include charting, scheduling, treatment planning, document storage and more.

Travis Rodgers shares his research of 100 failed companies and outlines the top 10 reasons why dental software companies fail.

A good way to start succession planning is to begin with a simple check of your financial position

The authors write that as the American Dental Association celebrates an important anniversary of its journal, it is important to reflect on the experiences of Black dentists during this time...

Editorials     30 December 2022

In finance, simplicity wins

From the point of view of savings and investments, this means bringing added value through choices which appear illogical in terms of achieving what is shared. ...

Diversifying is the ideal solution when deciding to invest, whatever the product.

Editorials     16 December 2022

History of inflation

The high cost of living return to levels not seen since the early 1980s is scaring everyone a bit.

If we focus on portfolio choices, we should avoid reacting with fear to what could be short-term market factors.

Research has found that a person attributes greater weight to a loss than that which they attribute to gains.

The last frontier of speculation is the "metaverse," a word that today exists in the financial world and beyond.

If you have saved over the years while working, you may find that your savings must last longer than expected. 

Editorials     07 October 2022

Calculate the risk

When evaluating your investments, you should understand if the risk you are subjected to has been adequately rewarded or if you have risked too much compared to the money you took home.

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