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08 May 2024

Glidewell and ProMonitoring Join Forces to Revolutionize Clear Aligner Solutions for Dentists

Glidewell and ProMonitoring announced their strategic partnership aimed at offering comprehensive clear aligner solutions tailored to the general dentist. The result is the release of the new Glidewell Clear Aligners: Powered by ProMonitoring.

This collaboration addresses the daily requests from thousands of Glidewell customers who are looking to prescribe clear aligners without extensive training or disruption to their practice workflows. Recognizing this demand, Glidewell identified ProMonitoring as the ideal partner, offering an intuitive and easy-to-embrace clear aligner solution.

Utilizing ProMonitoring’s state-of-the-art AI-driven software platform and innovative service model, the new aligners enable dentists to provide precise and predictable orthodontic care to their patients. This collaboration equips dental professionals with the tools to comfortably address a wide range of malocclusions, improving their patients’ smiles and oral health with convenience and confidence.

Glidewell and ProMonitoring share a commitment to delivering high-quality innovative products that prioritize patient experience, efficient workflows, and efficacy. Much like the glidewell.io™ In-Office Solution, Glidewell Clear Aligners: Powered by ProMonitoring exemplify Glidewell’s growing service offering that leverages and optimizes digital technology to empower clinicians and expand their patient care.

“Our partnership with ProMonitoring to launch Glidewell Clear Aligners: Powered by ProMonitoring offers our customers an advanced clear aligner system powered by cutting-edge technology and exceptional support,” said Stephenie Goddard, CEO of Glidewell.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Glidewell to bring Glidewell Clear Aligners: Powered by ProMonitoring to dentists nationwide,” said Nick Greenfield, CEO of ProMonitoring. “By combining our clear aligner expertise and comprehensive practice support program with Glidewell’s deep understanding of dental professionals’ needs, we aim to enable more dentists to offer effective and affordable orthodontic treatment options to their patients.”

Glidewell is excited to extend exclusive pricing and benefits to its valued customers. This unique offering is only available to Glidewell customers, so interested parties are encouraged to contact their respective Glidewell or ProMonitoring representatives for further details. For more information or to inquire about availability, visit glidewell.com/solutions/clear-aligners.

About Glidewell

Glidewell, based in Newport Beach, California, is an industry-leading provider of custom laboratory services, innovative technology, and continuing education to dental professionals nationwide.

Source: https://glidewell.com/

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