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07 November 2022

Candid made splash in 2022

Company added new leaders, partners, clinical enhancements

Candid, an innovator in clear aligners, is making a splash this year with leadership additions, clinical enhancements and other upgrades to deliver more convenience and control to the company’s partners in the years to come. For dental professionals using clear aligners in conjunction with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) treatments, Candid’s planned pipeline of innovation is already delivering.

Dr. Ben Miraglia, DDS and Candid’s vice president of GP clinical education, said in a news release that the company is unique in providing its ‘plug-and-play’ clear aligner prescription, AirwayRXx, that aims to preserve the arch development achieved during airway treatments. The company said this option contrasts with other clear aligner companies that often tend toward retractive movements that narrow the arch and reduce tongue space.

In addition to its benefits for clinicians treating OSA, Candid also has an efficient clear aligner ecosystem that empowers clinicians of all experience levels with the orthodontic expertise and support they need to confidently treat patients at scale while saving hours of clinical time.

Dr. Geoffrey Skinner, DDS, who serves as faculty at Candid Academy, said the company’s approach to orthodontics as a service model has been a huge boon to his practice.

“I don’t have to spend as much chair time or team time on getting the amazing results I want for my patients,” he said in the release.

Learn more about Candid and its partnerships on its website: https://www.candidco.com/

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