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08 May 2024

Spark Clear Aligners Announces Highly Anticipated “On-Demand” Ordering Program

Ormco Corporation, a global leader in orthodontic solutions, announced today the launch of its Spark On-Demand program, which enables doctors to order any number of Spark Aligners and Prezurv Plus Retainers with a simple, economical, no-subscription pricing structure.

“This unique program will further our doctors’ ability to grow their practices by offering an affordable and flexible option to purchase aligners and retainers for orthodontic treatment and ongoing retention without committing to a certain volume,” said Eric Conley, president of Ormco. “We are committed to providing doctors flexibility and choice, both clinically and in how they purchase our products. This solution gives doctors the ability to select the aligner or retainer treatment that makes the most sense for their patients and their practice. It provides an option to purchase what they need when they need it,” he continued.

“Ormco continues to find new ways to support orthodontists. With this new offering, I no longer have to worry about subscription commitments, complicated in-office printing, or outsourcing to local labs, which can positively impact the profitability and economics of my practice,” said Dr. Todd Bovenizer. “This new ordering model is highly cost efficient for patients who only need minor orthodontic treatment, such as a relapse after being treated previously, or to complement a bracket treatment with aligners.”

Benefits of Spark On-Demand for Doctors Include:

Flexibility – Provides doctors with the ability to purchase the exact quantity of aligner trays and retainers needed.

Cost efficiency – No subscription or volume commitment is needed. Buy only the Spark Aligners you need, when you need them. Competitively priced with the ability to select between Spark Aligner products.

Convenience – Simply follow the Spark Aligner workflow to order Spark On-Demand through the Spark DTX Portal for your clear aligner and retainer needs.

Prezurv Plus Retainers are powered by TruGEN Technology, the same technology used in Spark Clear Aligners.  Available in both scalloped and straight trim, the Prezurv™ product line is made with a rigid, thicker material designed to sustain retention and prevent relapse.

Spark On-Demand will be available to Spark providers in the United States starting on May 5, 2024. For more information, please click here.

Dr. Todd Bovenizer is a paid consultant for Ormco. The opinions expressed are those of the doctor. Ormco is a medical device manufacturer and does not dispense medical advice. Clinicians should use their own judgment in treating their patients.

About the Spark Clear Aligner System

Spark Aligners are manufactured by Ormco, a global leader in innovative orthodontics products, with 60 years of expertise, R & D and high manufacturing standards. Ormco has helped doctors treat more than 20 million patients in more than 140 countries. Spark Approver Software is designed to give doctors more control and flexibility, while Spark’s advanced aligner technology and TruGEN material provide more sustained force retention. Compared to the leading aligner brand and when contacting the same tooth, the Spark Aligner has 18% better surface contact with the tooth and is also designed to be more clear and more comfortable than the leading aligner brand, and stain less than the leading aligner material—which may be why 100% of patients recently surveyed said they would recommend Spark Aligners to a friend.*

Source: https://ormco.com/en-us/spark

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