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04 August 2021

Viper opens dental fund for top practices

Katherine E. Pfaff

Mergers and acquisition firm, Viper Equity Partners, has created a new program, The Phoenix, to speed closure of sales of dental practices. Viper's fund aims to close acquisitions in less than 90 days for all practices that meet predetermined criteria. 

The firm is planning to boost its portfolio of "top" dentistry practices with the new fund, which is expected to garner interest from private equity and DSO (days sales outstanding) customers. The Phoenix fund will bring together dental practices which have received $3 million -$7 million collection yearly, have one large or multiple locations, employ at least three dentists and associates, and do not utilize government insurance.

"Deals that meet the Phoenix criteria are no-brainers for us to get under LOI immediately," said Jonathan Guise, VP of Viper. "We have a waiting list for these deals. It's a huge win-win for all parties. The doctors get amazing prices with great equity ownership, and the DSO's get high volume offices with a strong EBITDA." As a result, the dentistry marketplace has seen high volume, according to Guise. 

Providers must remain at least three years after the program closes and commit a portion of proceeds to equity.

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/viper-equity-partners-launches-new-phoenix-program-for-dental-practices-looking-for-top-valuations-with-short-closing-schedules-301339635.html

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