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29 March 2024

Introducing Overjet for Kids: Dental AI That Parents Need

Overjet has announced the launch of Overjet for Kids: the new standard of dental care for kids. It is the only technology cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to detect, outline, and quantify tooth decay in children ages 4 and above, a critical time to prevent future problems.

Overjet for Kids helps pediatric dentists build a lifetime of trust with patients—by catching subtle tooth decay in X-rays before children feel pain, and by better explaining their recommendations to parents. In a rigorous clinical study conducted for the FDA, 100% of dentists were more accurate in detecting cavities when using Overjet for Kids, compared to their evaluations without it. The AI is trained to analyze both primary and permanent teeth, which allows Overjet to highlight its findings with colorful outlines that kids and parents can understand.

“Every parent wants to be confident that their child is getting the world’s best dental care,” said Dr. Teresa Dolan, Overjet’s Chief Dental Officer. “But prior to this technology, there was no way for parents to see what a dentist sees in their child’s X-ray, which can lead some parents to not understand the problem or even decline necessary treatment. Overjet for Kids empowers them to make truly informed decisions, setting kids up for a lifetime of good oral health.”

Early childhood is the most important time to prevent oral diseases, which are correlated with serious long-term health risks, such as cancer and diabetes. Yet more than half of American children between ages 6 and 11 have cavities, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Overjet’s artificial intelligence provides dentists with the first objective standard that quantifies pathologies like tooth decay, down to the millimeter. In the aforementioned study, dentists missed 57% fewer cavities when using Overjet, compared to when unassisted by AI. And because Overjet also improves patient education, dental practices that use the tool have increased their overall case acceptance by an average of 25%.

“My favorite thing about Overjet for Kids is the early detection,” said Dr. Matt Hicks of The Airway Dentists, an Overjet customer. “If we catch it early, kids can change their habits at home first, before we have to go in and do any irreversible work. And at the same time, our case acceptance has gone up because parents can just see so much more.”

Overjet for Kids relies on groundbreaking clearances from the FDA:

  • The primary clearance is for detecting pediatric caries—commonly known as cavities or tooth decay—in patients ages 4 and above, covering both primary and permanent teeth. Overjet’s technology is unique in that it is cleared to precisely outline and quantify instances of caries, allowing dentists to monitor changes over time.
  • A second clearance, called Charting Assist, expands the scope of Overjet for Kids by enabling the AI to detect dental structures in patients ages 5 and above. These include natural structures like enamel and pulp, as well as artificial structures from previous interventions, such as crowns and fillings.

The launch of Overjet for Kids comes at a time of rapid growth and innovation for the company. On March 5, Overjet announced it had raised $53 million of Series C funding, the largest investment in the history of dental AI.

This funding will fuel the development of unprecedented products that extend its AI platform to more patients and use cases—improving oral health for all.

About Overjet

Overjet is the world leader in dental AI. Founded by experts from MIT and Harvard University, Overjet builds artificial intelligence that helps dental organizations give patients the highest quality of care.

Our FDA-cleared technology is the first objective standard for making oral health decisions—so that dentists can detect pathologies with precision and educate patients with confidence.

Source: www.overjet.ai

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