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15 May 2024

Enhanced Patient Communication: Call Box Launches Phone Skills Training for Dental Practices

In response to the growing need for enhanced communication skills in the dental industry, Call Box is pleased to announce the launch of Phone Skills Training. Call Box’s Phone Skills Training is a comprehensive solution for dental practices that includes specialized phone handling training videos and an AI-fueled Call Coaching solution.

Effective communication over the phone is vital to delivering a quality patient experience. Call Box’s new phone skills program addresses this need by providing specialized training and AI features designed to empower dental professionals with the knowledge and confidence necessary to handle patient calls with professionalism, efficiency, and empathy.

Phone Skills Training empowers your staff to enhance patient interactions and increase appointment bookings. The training program includes:

  • Phone Handling Training Videos: The Phone Skills Training program includes engaging videos developed by Call Box’s partner, Dentlogics, that can be accessed right within the Call Box dashboard. These in-depth videos ensure your staff is equipped to handle patient calls with professionalism and convert more appointment opportunities into bookings. The new virtual training program caters to staff at every level of your practice, covering a wide range of applicable topics. From handling opportunities to scheduling and managerial courses, the program is designed to instruct your team on how to elevate your practice’s patient experience. The videos are shareable to allow for a targeted training approach based on individual needs
  • New LLM-Based Call Coaching: Call Coaching complements Call Box’s Phone Skills Training program by providing instant qualitative coaching notes on an unlimited number of missed patient appointment opportunity phone calls. Call Coaching leverages advanced large language models specifically trained to follow Call Box’s phone handling recommendations and best practices. With a click, managers can deliver expert Call Coaching, access coaching notes for one-on-ones, or share calls instantly for ongoing, individualized staff development. Unlimited Call Coaching is a key component of Call Box’s Phone Skills Training, providing a comprehensive approach to enhance staff performance and foster continuous improvement.

“With the release of Phone Skills Training, Call Box is able to build phone handling confidence for our dental clients and ensure they are receiving proper phone training,” states Jackie Bowers, executive vice president of product and marketing at Call Box. “Our goal is to empower dental practices with the tools and resources they need to excel in patient interactions and ultimately improve patient outcomes.”

With Call Box’s cutting-edge technology, healthcare providers can confidently navigate every incoming call, ensuring each patient interaction is a positive and impactful one.

About Call Box

As the leading provider of comprehensive phone solutions, Call Box believes the phone should be an asset to your organization, not an overwhelming liability to manage. Being top-notch on the phone shouldn’t be complicated or time-consuming. That’s where Call Box comes in. Call Box leverages human reviewers and artificial intelligence to track, review, and analyze 100% of the calls generated by thousands of healthcare practices. This allows managers to gain in-depth, actionable insight into the outcome of their calls to connect with more patients, improve caller experience, and convert more appointments opportunities.

Source: www.callbox.com 

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