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16 March 2023

At IDS, Carestream Dental reveals how to connect to an open, smarter world

At the 2023 International Dental Show (IDS), Carestream Dental aims to accelerate the industry's transition to digital dentistry by enabling practice optimization, efficiency and growth. This year’s show marks Carestream Dental’s post-pandemic return to the biennial event, where the company will be connecting the industry to an open and smarter world. 

Whether they work in one operatory, manage dozens of locations or even own and operate a DSO, show attendees can look forward to solutions sized to meet their practice and business needs. At the show, according to a news release, Carestream Dental is introducing the Neo Edition of the CS 7200 imaging plate system, demonstrating its continued investments in innovation.

Other Neo and Evo Editions of its CBCT systems will also be on display. These enhanced systems build on proven technology and help doctors and their teams do more for their patients, increasing the value of their investment.

Market-driven innovation, like Carestream Dental’s cloud-based software, gives oral healthcare professionals the ability to aggregate information and collaborate across locations and between business partners. Sensei Cloud, the most comprehensive practice management solution in the industry, gives business owners a high-level overview of practice health with rich KPI dashboards, no matter the location. On the clinical side, the Imaging and Case Collaboration app makes collaborating on implant cases faster and easier, with secure file and image sharing and built-in communication tools. 

Carestream Dental is also automating workflows with intelligent AI-based technology that takes the guesswork out of dentistry and frees up clinicians and team members to focus on other important needs. For example, AI Insights automatically analyzes panoramic X-rays, the award-winning CS 9600 features AI-powered positioning and Carestream Dental’s new virtual assistant, Cassidy, uses AI to help point customers in the right direction and get the answers they need. Sensei Patient Solutions even automate many tedious practice management tasks so team members can focus on more important work. 

The company’s imaging technology solutions portfolio, delivers advanced, intuitive, digital imaging and systems to capture the data that doctors need for more confident diagnoses and treatment planning. The Sensei brand portfolio delivers best-in-class dental practice software powered by innovative digital management solutions that can handle everything from streamlining patient scheduling to enabling online payments to providing insight on practice health. And new advancements with Swissmeda, Carestream Dental’s market-leading software and clinical solutions brand, include implant case planning, guided surgery assistance, software and data intelligence to empower doctors to connect and collaborate seamlessly to achieve greater outcomes for patients.

To learn more, visit the company's website

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