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27 March 2023

Joerg Vogel appointed to Board of Advisors at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine

Dentsply Sirona Vice President Joerg Vogel has been appointed to the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine’s board of advisors. His appointment to the board builds on a long-standing relationship between Dentsply Sirona and the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. 

Dentsply Sirona helped the school establish its Care Center for Persons with Disabilities, which opened in early 2021. The accessible center is equipped to serve patients with disabilities, with 12 operatories, a wheelchair lift, a quiet room, a radiology room, and other features. All students at the School of Dental Medicine gain direct experience treating patients in the center.

Vogel served as vice president of international sales for nearly two decades – starting at Sirona Dental Systems in 2004 and moving to Dentsply Sirona in 2016 following the merger with Dentsply International. Since 2015, he has led the International Special Clinic Solutions division worldwide, helping provide universities and large clinics with innovative and future-proofed digital dental equipment and education systems.

In a news release, Vogel said it is inspiring to see the work being done by the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine to elevate special care dentistry and help all patients access high-quality dental care. He said that he looks forward to helping the school explore new ways to advance dental education and patient care.

Dr. Mark Wolff, Morton Amsterdam Dean of the University of Pennsylvania Dental School, acknowledged Dentsply Sirona’s vital role in helping the university open it Care Center for Persons with Disabilities.

“We look forward to working together in the future to ensure we are providing our students with the highest quality education and solutions,” he said. 

Learn more about the Care Center for Persons with Disabilities: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ie_QUumNQiA

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