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15 June 2021

Carestream Dental and partner Mangano Digital Academy to offer Digital Learning

Carestream Dental and the respected Dr. Francesco Mangano of the Mangano Digital Academy have joined forces to deliver must-know digital dental topics directly to oral healthcare professionals. Thanks in part to Carestream Dental’s sponsorship, Dr. Mangano will share eight to 10-minute-long videos each week starting May 19 for the rest of the year and into early 2022 on social media as part of his “Essentials of Digital Dentistry” series. 

“Digital technologies are revolutionizing the world of dentistry, but there is often confusion regarding the basic concepts underlying hardware, software, and workflows,” Dr. Mangano said. “The purpose of ‘Essentials of Digital Dentistry’ is to definitively clarify some doubts, which many colleagues still have. Only from a solid base, it is possible to unlock the potential of the digital dental revolution." 

With an impressive goal of 40 videos covering the details of digital implant planning and treatment, the series will be available across social channels and can be easily viewed by any oral healthcare professional. The accessible nature of the videos is ideal for asking questions and sparking engaging conversations among experts in the comments section. 

When dental practices around the world were forced to close in 2020, clinicians made the best of the shutdowns by focusing on advancing their education. At the time, Carestream Dental responded by offering more webinars and digital learning opportunities, like its “LaunchPad by Carestream Dental” educational platform. Even with things slowly returning to pre-pandemic norms, many practitioners aren’t ready to give up the ease and convenience of digital learning. Recognizing this appreciation and eagerness for digital content, Carestream Dental is focusing even more on virtual learning in 2021. 

“Essentials of Digital Dentistry” is also sponsored by the Digital Dentistry Society and Swissmeda and can be viewed each week on either the Mangano Digital Academy or Carestream Dental Facebook pages.  


About Mangano Digital Academy

Mangano Digital Academy is solely focused on training the new digital dentist by sharing the team’s unique experience with the best solutions available in the market. It provides the protocols needed to successfully implement digital clinical workflows, as well as in the lab. These protocols and their application—not theoretical notions—make all the difference. For more information please visit manganodigitalacademy.com

 About Carestream Dental

Carestream Dental is committed to transforming dentistry, simplifying technology and changing lives. In this pursuit, we focus on providing the latest in high-quality scanning technology, the smartest chairside systems, the most intuitive practice management software, incredibly accurate imaging software, and the data intelligence that helps continually refine patient outcomes. And we offer these solutions for the full range of dental and oral health professionals.

Source: www.carestreamdental.com

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