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06 December 2023

New Cloud Imaging Solution Turns Carestream Dental Imaging Systems into Connected Devices

Dental practices can now synchronize imaging across their entire business by automatically storing CBCT scans and 2D X-rays securely in the cloud with Swissmeda Cloud Imaging. This subscription service from Swissmeda seamlessly connects offerings from across Carestream Dental’s imaging and clinical software portfolios. So, doctors can turn their existing Carestream Dental systems—like the CS 9600 or CS 8200 3D—into cloud-connected devices.

“By offering cloud imaging, the Carestream Dental and Swissmeda brands are giving practices easier access to vital clinical information,” Philippe Maillet, general manager, global equipment, Carestream Dental, said. “Through the latest enhancements in secure cloud computing and file sharing we’re truly creating a connected practice, leading to more efficient patient care that can be accomplished at scale as more locations are added to a provider’s network.”

For seamless automated workflows, Swissmeda Cloud Imaging automatically uploads all new X-rays and 3D scans to the cloud. When it’s time to view a stored image, the Swissmeda Cloud Imaging Viewer can be conveniently accessed online. The user-friendly browser-based viewer requires little training to begin navigating and reviewing images from anywhere. Images on the cloud can also be accessed with CS Imaging software, allowing practitioners to take an exam in one practice and review the results in a different one.

When it’s time to share images with third parties or referrals, Swissmeda Cloud Imaging eliminates the need to attach large image files or to download an image viewer. Instead, practitioners will be able to share the image and Swissmeda Cloud Imaging Viewer through a link.

All images are automatically uploaded and stored safely and securely in line with HIPAA regulations. Practices will also have fewer concerns about local server outages or maintenance interfering with patient care since the cloud provides added convenience.

“No matter the size of a practice’s network, Swissmeda Cloud Imaging offers the convenience of managing a single database of all images in a centralized cloud solution and joins our family of advanced imaging solutions, including Sensei Imaging which is available to our practice management customers in certain geographies,” Duski said.

Swissmeda is the software and clinical solutions brand of Carestream Dental, and offers case planning, guided assistance, software and data intelligence to empower doctors to connect and collaborate seamlessly to achieve greater outcomes. To learn more about Swissmeda Cloud Imaging, or any of Swissmeda’s solutions, visit carestreamdental.com/swissmeda.

Source: www.carestreamdental.com

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