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08 September 2021

CandidPro aligns with Women in DSO

Katherine E. Pfaff

Clear aligner company, CandidPro has partnered with the organization Women in DSO to support female leaders in dental care. The collaboration will include building mentorship programs, education, and networking opportunities.

“I think Women in DSO is perfectly positioned to support the progress I've seen women make in my 25 years in dentistry,” said Brandy Meritt, senior business development manager at CandidPro. “There's still much work to be done, and I think our organizations can do a lot to continue pushing the needle.”

A February 2021 report on the dentistry workforce by the Health Policy Institute and American Dental Association found that female dentists made up 34.5% of the US professionals in 2020, and half of dental graduates were women in 2019. The number of females dentists increased from 24.1% in 2010.

“When it comes to DSO leadership, women are the future,” said Brian Ganey, vp of sales at CandidPro. “I'm honored to align with Women in DSO in supporting the next generation of women leaders in dental service organizations and beyond.”

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/teledentistry-leader-candidpro-partners-with-women-in-dso-301363238.html

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