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14 May 2024

eClinicalWorks Announces Integration of Sunoh.ai for Dental Clinics Nationwide

eClinicalWorks, the largest ambulatory cloud EHR and first AI-driven EHR, introduced Sunoh.ai for dental clinics—a revolutionary AI-powered technology that transforms dental workflows for faster, more efficient, and hands-free clinical documentation and patient care. The EHR-agnostic AI technology integrates seamlessly with eClinicalWorks to assist dentists and hygienists nationwide.

Using Sunoh.ai, dentists can now easily document conditions of teeth and existing dental work to formulate treatment plans. Hygienists can document key oral markers, including bleeding, plaque, calculus points, and probing depth. Coupled with eClinicalWorks’ cloud-based Electronic Dental Record (EDR), dental professionals nationwide have the comprehensive tools to enhance dental care and operations.

Community Health Alliance, a federally qualified health center (FQHC) with six health centers throughout Reno and Sparks, Nevada, is participating in an early adopter program for Sunoh.ai. The FQHC offers comprehensive medical services, including dental, pediatrics, behavioral health, low-cost pharmacies, food pantries, and more. By using Sunoh.ai for dental clinics, the practice will significantly improve workflows, enhancing efficiency and patient care.

“Previously, a dental assistant would sit with a hygienist while doing periodontal charting to enter that information in manually,” said Dr. Lisa Collier, DDS and chief dental officer at Community Health Alliance. “Alternatively, without the dental assistant, the hygienist would document all the periocharts onto a piece of paper and then transfer that information into the system, which is very cumbersome. Ensuring we always have a dental assistant available for charting poses substantial staffing issues. We’re thrilled to use Sunoh.ai because it accelerates periochart documentation and captures detailed information. Now, we’re able to go through the exam with voice commands, which frees up our dental assistants to complete other important tasks.”

“Dental practices nationwide can now leverage the power of Sunoh.ai to streamline and enhance clinical documentation, freeing dental assistants to complete other essential tasks,” said Saurabh Singh, vice president of Sunoh.ai. “Sunoh.ai is an incredible time-saver, helping clinics see more patients daily. This improves patient care and can increase practice revenue. The revolutionary AI medical scribe meets the unique documentation needs of dental professionals.”

About Community Health Alliance

Community Health Alliance is a Nevada-based FQHC with six health centers in Reno and Sparks. The FQHC provides comprehensive, top-quality medical services, dental and pediatric care, behavioral health, low-cost pharmacies, nourishing food pantries, and more.

Source: https://www.chanevada.org/

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