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13 September 2021

IDTechEx: Boom expected in ceramics 3D printing

Katherine E. Pfaff

Marlet analysts, IDTechEx, predicts a rate of growth at 7 folds in ceramic 3D printing by 2030, according to its new report on the market. Growth is expected to be driven by the reduced costs of 3D printing over traditional ceramic manufacturing methods.

Ceramic manufacturing traditionally utilizes injection molding, hot isostatic pressing, and extrusion, which carry high rates of time and cost commitment, adding to lead time to create ceramics. For small ceramics or low volume, 3D printing can reduce costs and time to completion. Ceramics segments expected to be impacted by 3D printing includes chemical engineering, aerospace, and dentistry.

The market is diverse with small startups and large ceramics companies, however, the products are a relative newcomer compared to composite, metal, and polymer 3D printing.

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/7-fold-growth-for-the-ceramic-3d-printing-market-by-2032-says-idtechex-301368718.html

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