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06 September 2021

Overjet raises $27M

Katherine E. Pfaff

Dental AI company focused on clinical practice and insurance, Overjet, has closed a series A funding for $27 million, to speed launch of its products and scaling up to increase reach of its products in the market. The financing was helmed by private equity firm, General Catalyst, and Insights Partners, a venture capital company.

"Tens of millions of Americans already have their dental claims processing streamlined and accelerated by Overjet today," said Shaju Puthussery, Chief Operating Officer of Overjet. "With the recent FDA clearance and new funding, more Americans will see Overjet's dental AI technology assisting their dentists at the next check-up. We're committed to helping clinicians deliver the best patient care."

The company’s Dental Assist product won FDA clearance for the system which aids dentists through the use of AI in diagnosis and to aid with insurance claims. The clearance allows Overjet to sell directly to dental practices. The Dental Assist product provides software which measures distal and mesial bone in radiographs in order to diagnosis and assist in planning treatment of dental diseases.

"Overjet improves patient care by automating much of the clinical review process with AI and by helping clinicians increase diagnostic quality, consistency, and speed," said Chris Bischoff, Managing Director of General Catalyst. "At General Catalyst, we are excited to partner with Wardah Inam and the entire Overjet team as they deliver on the vision of health assurance in dentistry - creating a win for patients, as well as insurers and clinicians."

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/overjet-raises-27-million-in-series-a-financing-to-accelerate-adoption-of-ai-driven-dentistry-301363607.html

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