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31 May 2023

Penn Dental Medicine launches educational video series, podcast on statistical concepts

The Penn Dental Medicine Center for Integrative Global Oral Health (CIGOH) has launched "Statistics with Crayons", a new animated video and podcast series aimed at making complex statistical concepts accessible to the general public. According to a university news release, the series is produced by the Penn Dental Medicine Center for Educational Technology & Innovation (CETI).

Led by Drs. Michael Glick and Alonso Carrasco-Labra and Olivia Urquhart, "Statistics with Crayons" explores statistical concepts one at a time in animated videos and accompanying podcast episodes.

"The goal of 'Statistics with Crayons' is to make statistical concepts easy to understand and accessible to everyone," said Glick, executive director of CIGOH, in the news release. He added that the team is excited to share its expertise in a fun and engaging way.

The video series features the talents of actor Gideon Glick and Penn Dental Medicine faculty member Dr. Roopali Kulkarni, who voice wily cat Hans and his wise canine companion Hera, respectively. The podcast episodes explore real-world applications of the statistical concepts through guest interviews with University of Pennsylvania faculty.

Chia-Wei Wu, executive director of CETI, said that "Statistics with Crayons" will be an excellent resource for anyone seeking to better understand statistical concepts and their real-world applications.

Each episode will explore a new statistical concept. The series and accompanying podcast will be available on the Penn Dental Medicine website.

For more information about "Statistics with Crayons" and to view the episodes and podcasts, visit www.dental.upenn.edu/StatisticsWithCrayons.

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