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16 May 2021

EAO: two years of the Italian spirit - Interview with Doctor Luca Cordaro

Author: Lorena Origo

Founded in the late 1980s, the European Association for Osseointegration was born as an international, interdisciplinary, and independent scientific forum, initially involving reconstructive surgery and prosthetic rehabilitation, then expanded to include all the medical and dental disciplines involved in osseointegration processes.

After twenty years, it was 2001 when Massimo Simion was at the Association's helm, the president of the Association is, again, an Italian: Luca Cordaro. To characterize these two years in Italy, also the Congress which is scheduled for 2021 in Milan.
The presidency of EAO entrusted to an Italian, Dr. Cordaro, a recognition of the country's expertise in implantology.
Given that EAO is an international Association, there is great attention to the rotation of offices, thus involving all member countries. Italy is undoubtedly a point of reference in implantology from a scientific, professional, and market perspective.

What are the aims and initiatives of the Association?

"Closing the gap between science and clinical practice" is EAO's mission; to reduce the distance, therefore, between scientific knowledge and its practical application. The Association has played a role and continues to play today effectively through various initiatives.

We organize various training courses - 3-year diploma in implant dentistry, monothematic courses held by masters of implantology, the European implantologist certificate - and the Consensus Conference (the last took place last February, ed), an event that every three years, brings together industry experts who discuss a series of pre-established topics, starting from the most recent literature, intending to reach a consensus on research evidence and best clinical practices currently available.

However, the core of our training offer is the annual Congress that usually hosts more than 5,000 colleagues and professionals and sees more than 100 speakers engaged.

The Congress was scheduled for 2020 in Berlin; unfortunately, it has been transformed into a virtual event; this year should instead take place in Milan...
Due to the pandemic, the Berlin Congress was unable to take place in presence; we then decided to organize a digital event that has collected a critical success, organized from a technical point of view impeccably and structured like a TV show, with world-famous speakers who recorded live in 3 television studios - Milan, Paris, and Frankfurt - dealing with the topics foreseen in the Congress.

It was an impressive organizational effort that we would like to partly propose again this year, in the sense that at the moment we are working to be able to hold the Milan Congress in presence, scheduled from 14 to 16 October with the title "Beauty meets science." At the same time, we would like to provide for online disclosure because the past year's experience has taught us that several colleagues cannot travel but are interested in the topics covered by EAO. The goal, therefore, is to involve both of these worlds.

Coming to your two-year presidency, what are the objectives you want to pursue and achieve?

I arrived at the EAO presidency after several years of presence on the board during which I held numerous executive roles; in all these years, I have always followed a "common thread" in my actions with a particular goal: to build an increasingly stringent collaboration between the European Association for Osseointegration and the various local, national associations.

This approach arises primarily from the belief that collaboration between various scientific associations is that the only way to grow the profession is from more pragmatic assessments.

In fact, by organizing our annual Congress in different countries, there is an overlap with the activities of the local, national associations and, thus, further competition is created in an already competitive world.

Also, to remedy these overlaps, I believe it is vital to building an operational practice that aims to implement synergies with the Associations of the host countries of the Congress.

Precisely because of the next Congress in Italy, we have worked a lot in the past months in this perspective, managing to build a partnership with SIdP, the Italian Society of Periodontology and Implantology, and IAO, Italian Academy of Osseointegration. Both of these prestigious associations are partners in the event and have been actively involved in preparing the scientific program. An essential synergy is certified because the three presidents of the associations chair the scientific committee.

For the energy lavished in this direction, I want to thank the presidents of the two associations, Dr. Luca Landi and professor Giovanni Zucchelli: it was complicated from an organizational point of view the hearts of all of us were beating in the same direction.


Surgeon, he specialized in Odontostomatology and later in Oral Surgery. Ph.D. in odontostomatological disciplines. Since 2002 he has been Director of the Department of Periodontology and Prosthetics of the G. Eastman Hospital in the Head-Neck department of the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome, where he carries out intense clinical research activity. He is a professional figure of reference at an international level in implantology, periodontology, and oral surgery, with a particular interest in the reconstructive therapies of alveolar atrophies. He has given lectures and courses in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. He is the author of more than 80 publications in Italian and international journals and several contributions in textbooks on implantology and co-author of two textbooks on implantology published by Quintessence International. President of the European Association for Osseointegration for the two years 2021-2022, he was recently appointed to the Oral Reconstruction Foundation board. In the ITI (International Team for Implantology), he was a board member for eight years and first Education Delegate and later chairman for the Italian section. He has been a freelance professional in the Associate Cordaro studio in Rome since 1988.

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