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06 July 2020

CareShield®by Orsing - Reducing the spread of aerosols and droplets in the dental office

Helsingborg, Sweden – World renowned for its spiral-shaped Hygoformic aspirator tube, the manufacturer of high-quality suction consumables Orsing is proud to introduce its latest advancement to meet the needs of post-COVID dentistry. 

During dental procedures, general practitioners, hygienists, dental assistants and patients are exposed to aerosols and organic fluids such as blood and saliva. Fluids that spread and contaminate Personal Protective Equipment as well as surfaces around the clinic. A recent CDC study found that the coronavirus could travel up to 13 feet (4 meters) as an aerosol before settling on operatory surfaces and lingering in the air for hours—even days—following patient care. Therefore, the best way to protect everyone in the operatory is to capture and contain aerosols and droplets.

CareShield is an easy to use transparent screen with an integrated HVE suction function that captures aerosols created during procedures such as drilling or ultrasonic scaling. The system consists of a cone-shaped, autoclavable connector that attaches to a disposable transparent shield. The CareShield system is easily connected to the dental delivery unit for high-volume suction and stays in place thanks to an easy to set up handsfree stand.

CareShield can be used in conjunction with a saliva ejector such as Hygoformic or with an aspirator tube such as Hygovac by Orsing.
To use CareShield and aspirator tubes simultaneously, the HVE suction hose can be split with a Y-adapter available from any dental supplier.

A division of Directa Dental Group, J.O. Orsing AB has been manufacturing and distributing internationally recognized quality dental consumables for over 50 years. Directa Dental Group develops, manufactures and markets a complete line of dental consumables, materials and electronics, making life easier for the dental practitioner and patients. Directa Dental Group is highly pro-active on the international dental market with business partnerships in many parts of the world. With headquarters in Sweden, offices, manufacturing, and distribution and more than 200 employees representing the various brands worldwide, Directa Dental Group is an innovative player in the global dental arena. The company works incessantly in creating new and successful partnerships all over the world. Directa Dental Group currently consists of Directa AB, J.O. Orsing AB, Topdental (Products) Ltd, Parkell Inc, Rønvig Dental Mfg. A/S and TrollDental AB. The companies are all managed independently, having full responsibility and autonomy for their own operations.

For additional information check the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsrc4Q5_Dn4,


Patrizia Mattiucci
Tel. e Whatsapp +46 708 593481.

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