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Author: Luigi Campopiano

1. In the light of the fact that the 9 trillion euro of Italian savings are more than 90 % invested in Italy in euros, it is a good idea to expand the scope of investments to other markets that...

Market     23 July 2020

CareShield® by Orsing

It’s normal to fear the unknown. Just as some patients feel a looming anxiety around dental treatment every time they’re in the chair, dental teams may be...

Author: Luigi Campopiano

Often in times of crisis, either real or imagined we are encouraged to act. If your house is on fire or if you witness a car accident you must do something and...

Market     17 June 2020

Simplicity: Virtue or ability?

Author: Luigi Campopiano

“Never invest in anything that you cannot draw with a pencil”: who had this vision. Here he is: 76 years’ old, born in 1944, with a list of 21...

Author: Luigi Compopiano

Pandemic. Lockdown. Crisis. Drawdown. Downgrading. The path of a market after a shock, whether provoked by endogenous or exogenous factors, tends to trace the ...

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