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CDA's team of experienced staffers can discuss one-on-one what early career dentists should do if they want to purchase a practice. 

With the completion of these partnerships, Marquee now supports 28 offices in Florida across a growing portfolio of general and specialty dental practices.

Company partners with dental assisting schools to honor dental assistants

To honor its dental assistants and provide support to aspiring dental assistants, PDS is partnering with dental assisting schools nationwide and organizing a range of events at its supported dental...

A marketing budget can get out of hand very quickly. You need to make sure you know what type of marketing is most needed and what will work best for you, your community and audience. 

These new affiliations extend Apex's supported practice footprint in Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado to a total of more than 90 partnered dentists across the organization.

Phelps is the author of "The Complete Book On Dental Marketing," and brings more than 20 years of experience growing dental practices. 

Quartey is a new mom, dental practice owner, an advocate for female dentists and a spokesperson for the ADA.

Dental practice management software can include charting, scheduling, treatment planning, document storage and more.

The practice was sold to a first-time buyer, Dr Utkantha Sharma, for an undisclosed amount.

In the Health and Wellness category, Dr. Fahreen Pardhan of Avon, Ohio’s iSmile Dental is an awardee.

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Drs. Travis Campbell, Tony Feck and Chris Phelps are authors under the Edra Publishing label. We share some of their best soundbites and advice from recent...

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