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28 March 2024

Intiveo Announces Intiveo Connect

Intiveo, patient engagement software designed to empower dental practices to enhance the patient experience, has announced the launch of Intiveo Connect, a feature designed to enhance communication channels between dental practices and non-patients, including caregivers, extended family members, and referring practices. This new feature also streamlines the process for non-patients to effortlessly reach out to dental offices for inquiries or to initiate the process of becoming new patients.

Intiveo’s patient engagement technology already offers unparalleled patient service to dental practices by streamlining front office workflows, centralizing patient engagement, and communication management. With its new Intiveo Connect feature, it is one of the few solutions that bridges the communication gap between dental practices and non-patients, ensuring everyone involved in a patient’s journey is kept in the loop.

“Intiveo has always been committed to inclusive and effective patient care, whether they are looking to book an appointment, a parent seeking more details prior to a procedure, or even looking to become a new patient,” said Josh DeVries, CEO, and co-founder of Intiveo. “We recognize the vital role non-patients play in the care process, and with the release of Intiveo Connect, we address those complex communication challenges patients and dental practices face, ensuring everyone involved in a patient’s care journey is informed and engaged.”

Intiveo Connect solves vital communication challenges. Other benefits for patients and dental offices include:

  • Direct Communication with Non-Patients: Enabling dental practices to send automated and manual texts to parents, guardians, and other non-patient contacts, ensuring they are integral to the patient care process.
  • Ease of New Patient Acquisition: Offers a straightforward way for non-patients to contact the office directly through text, enhancing accessibility and simplifying appointment booking.
  • Streamlined Operational Efficiency: Reduces administrative workload through automation of appointment reminders, follow-up care instructions, logistical coordination messages, and facilitating new patient registrations.
  • Improved Patient and Non-Patient Satisfaction: Enhances the overall experience by ensuring timely, relevant communication and an easy entry point for new patients, leading to increased trust and satisfaction.
  • Support for Better Post-Operative Care: Facilitates better recovery outcomes by ensuring caregivers are well-informed about post-operative care instructions.
  • Marketing and Engagement Opportunities: Opens new avenues for engaging local communities, promoting dental health services and education, and attracting new patients through an inclusive and accessible communication strategy.

“The feature to text non-patients emerged as one of the leading suggestions from our customers, signaling a strong desire for more expansive communication tools,” said DeVries. “Intiveo is dedicated to developing new features and tools that meet and enhance our community’s evolving needs.”

About Intiveo

Intiveo is a patient engagement software designed to empower dental practices to enhance the patient experience. Our platform improves patient engagement and outcomes through two-way chat, recall reminders, quality improvement surveys, and online review management tools. With comprehensive integrations across major PMS systems, Intiveo streamlines front office workflows, centralizing patient engagement and communication management. Intiveo serves over 3,000 dental practices across North America, helping them improve their patients’ experience, streamline operations, and drive revenue growth while improving staff morale.

Source: www.intiveo.com

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