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18 April 2024

DDS Lab Opens Third Full-Service State-of-the-Art Dental Laboratory

DDS Lab (DDS), one of the largest full-service dental laboratories in the world, today announced the commencement of operations out of its new state-of-the-art, full-service dental laboratory based in Grecia, Costa Rica. The 100,000-square-foot laboratory doubles the global manufacturing footprint of DDS Lab. In recent years, DDS’ unique business model has driven organizational growth outpacing the market. DDS has significantly invested in the expansion of its global fabrication operations to ensure that it can continue to meet the needs of its customers and the patients they serve.

“With fabrication locations now in Central America and Asia, along with our full-service facility in Tampa, Florida, we have the flexibility to utilize distributive manufacturing to execute a seamless and interchangeable operation across global time zones,” said Chuck DiNardo, the CEO of DDS Lab. “For DDS customers, this will ensure less idle turnaround time. As one continent’s business day ends, dental technicians on another continent can pick up design and other process steps right where they last ended.”

Grecia, Costa Rica, is recognized as a technologically advanced life sciences operations hub with a large, skilled pipeline of talent. The presence of DDS Lab will bring added skilled labor opportunities to the region for this highly technical and specialized trade. The company’s vision is to introduce up to 1,000 jobs to the region in the next five years. The Costa Rica facility will support DDS’ first-in-class digital dental solution workflows, a core competency of DDS. Jenny XJ Li, the global chief operating officer for DDS, has relocated to Grecia, where she will focus on transferring operational best practices and talent development programs from DDS’ ISO 13485 certified Shenzhen operations.

“In Shenzhen and Tampa, we have succeeded because of our technologically enabled and fully integrated standardized operations,” said Li. “Our best-in-class employee development program, which includes in-school apprenticeships, internships, and on-the-job training, will bring the same operational excellence and employee enrichment approach to Grecia. In doing so, we enhance the quality and efficiency our customers have come to expect from day one.”

About DDS Lab

Established in 2005, DDS Lab is a full-service, National Board-Certified dental laboratory. The DDS model leverages its fully owned and operated labs, strategically positioned globally, to guarantee a highly efficient customer experience. Its best-in-quality laboratory solutions can be customized to fit each office’s unique requirements while offering complete continuity of supply. DDS Lab believes its success is driven by its customers’ success, which relies on real-time collaboration between lab and office. DDS Lab is scaled to help the modern dental practice meet the evolving needs of the dental patients they serve.

Source: www.DDSLab.com

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