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17 June 2021

Vyne Dental acquires Operability LLC

Katherine E. Pfaff

Dental billing platform company, Vyne Dental, has acquired patient communications company, Operability, LLC. The acquisition also includes Operability’s OperaDDS platform, which launched in 2011 to aid in patient interactions. Opera DDS has an estimated 14,000 users across the country.

The acquisition is intended to create a comprehensive information and communication platform to increase the degree of engagement between patients and practices, ultimately boosting the success of participating practices. Currently, Vyne Dental serves about 74,000 practices. 

Vyne Dental specializes in providing a full service, online dental billing platform with its Vyne Trellis platform, which can streamline activities with functions that help to manage revenue, encrypt and manage information, and can determine insurance benefit level while in office. The platform can be used by dental practices of various sizes. 

The OperaDDS platform allows for fast transmission of health information, alerting patients of appointments or other information, and provides a website portal to complete forms either through the practice site or in-office device. Two-way texting or encrypted email messages can be managed through the platform as well. 

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/vyne-dental-acquires-operability-llc-and-its-patient-communications-and-engagement-platform-operadds-301303548.html

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