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13 May 2024

Chamlion Unveils Advanced Dental 3D Printing Solutions at IDEX 2024 Exhibition

Chamlion, a game-changing force in the digitalization of dentistry, is set to captivate attendees at the International Dental Equipment Exhibition (IDEX) 2024 in Turkey. With a comprehensive display of integrated dental 3D printing solutions, featuring its innovative metal 3D printers, and plasma polishing machines.

At IDEX 2024, visitors to the Chamlion booth will experience the complete production workflow of both CoCr and Titanium partial frameworks, from 3D printing to post-processing and the final result. Highlighting its commitment to innovation, Chamlion will introduce the M180 metal printer with the capability to print 25-30 frameworks per build plate, which significantly improves efficiency and reduces costs.

Chamlion experts will be available at the booth to provide demonstrations of the complete workflow and discuss how their solutions can transform dental lab operations. Attendees are invited to visit the Chamlion booth #4-A21 at IDEX 2024 to experience these innovations firsthand.

About Chamlion

Chamlion is at the forefront of transforming the dental industry through innovative digital solutions. With operations spanning 27 countries and over 270 cloud factories, Chamlion provides comprehensive 3D printing solutions to dental labs worldwide. By offering integrated solutions that eliminate the need for equipment purchase, Chamlion empowers dental professionals to optimize their workflows and achieve exceptional results.

Source: www.chamlion.com

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