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15 September 2023

DentalMonitoring promotes use of data to improve quality, efficiency in oral healthcare

DentalMonitoring is a technology company dedicated to improving the quality and efficiency of oral healthcare. Through partnerships with orthodontic professionals, industry leaders, and manufacturers, DentalMonitoring is promoting the use of data to help drive continuous improvement. 

Orthodontists use DentalMonitoring's scalable remote monitoring solution to deliver a convenient, connected patient experience while elevating clinical practices. The AI-driven platform is available in over 40 countries and serves all patients and all treatment types. Orthodontists using the platform have access to a wealth of data on lead engagement, compliance, clinical operations, and efficiencies through DM Insights, the industry's first data and analytics tool. 

DM Insights provides practices with visibility into their clinical performance, helping doctors and staff discover ways to improve, benefiting both the practice and their patients. This may include comparing treatment methods, appliance brands and more.

Using aggregated data from over two million patient scans, DentalMonitoring is uniquely positioned to observe how various appliances perform under clinicians' protocols. While the company does not report on comparisons and remains agnostic to all brands and treatment modalities, partners and manufacturers are also seeing how the DentalMonitoring platform helps practices gain efficiencies.

The company supports manufacturers' interest in analyzing product performance using their cohort of customers, complying with all data privacy and compliance laws. Independent analysis of product performance information creates an opportunity to discover insights and improvements that will benefit clinicians, patients, and the broader orthodontics industry.

In a news release, DentalMonitoring CEO Philippe Salah said the company's mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions that improve the working lives of oral healthcare professionals and help them provide the best possible treatment experience for their patients.

"It's our responsibility to ensure data that helps drive this mission is protected and used dutifully for the betterment of all," he said.

Discover DM Insights: www.dentalmonitoring.com/insights

About DentalMonitoring: www.dental-monitoring.com 

Powered by the most advanced AI in the industry, DentalMonitoring has developed comprehensive doctor-driven solutions to help orthodontists grow and optimize their practice, provide superior clinical care, and deliver a better patient experience. DentalMonitoring and DM Insights provide orthodontists with the data necessary for driving clinical improvements. 

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