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16 December 2022

Safety-Net Dental Clinics serve 15% more kids with help from America’s ToothFairy, CrownBuyers

More kids can access dental care than a year ago, according to reports from safety-net dental clinics receiving resources from America’s ToothFairy, a nonprofit organization that works with corporate donors to provide dental supplies, equipment and educational materials to increase access to dental services for children in underserved communities.

Each year, America’s ToothFairy surveys members of their Dental Resource Program to determine their needs, progress they’ve made to improve oral health in communities and how corporate partners can contribute to help more children in need. The program currently provides resources to 53 nonprofit partners in 24 states, according to a news release.

CrownBuyers, a division of TSC EcoSolutions, is the title sponsor of the program, and their generous support helps kids from low-income homes and those living in Dental Health Care Professional Shortage Areas.

“The grants and donations have been a game changer for our clinic this year,” said Sophie Parson of Augusta Regional Dental Clinic in Fishersville, Virginia.

“With the cost of supplies on the rise, we were expecting to not be able to offer complimentary oral health goods to our patients enrolled in our school program,” she said in the news release. “But thanks to America’s ToothFairy, every child coming through our clinic’s doors and participating in our school-based program has received a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and oral health education materials.”

America’s ToothFairy Executive Director Jill Malmgren said that supply chain shortages posed extra challenges this year. 

“We’ve been helping our members focus on preventive services such as screenings and oral health education outreach events,” she said. “This strategy not only helps prevent tooth decay but also identifies kids in need of services and in most cases connects them to a dental home to set them up for better dental health over their lifetime.”

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