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16 November 2022

Zentist’s Remit AI Platform more than doubles revenue cycle management for DSO

DSO sees 53% Improvement in less than 100 days

Zentist announced Oct. 27 that its Remit artificial intelligence (AI) software increased revenue cycle management productivity by 53%, less than 100 days after deployment in Great Lakes Dental Partners offices.

Great Lakes Dental Partners, a dental support organization (DS), provides practice management services to 40 partner locations, delivering support in operations, recruiting, technology, marketing and collaboration among clinicians.

“The state of the market for end-to-end dental insurance RCM solutions is poor,” said Donna Ramadan, Great Lakes Dental Partner’s Director of Revenue Cycle, in a news release. “We had to approach our strategy one challenge at a time, staging each solution separately. Zentist’s Remit AI software stood out as an impactful yet targeted solution that aligned with our approach,” she added.

Remit AI initially demonstrated meaningful impact in automatic delivery of explanation of benefits, electronic remittance advice data and automatic triaging of claims denials.

Read the case study: zent.ist/gldp-cs

About Zentist

Zentist leverages robotic process automation and machine learning to place tedious dental insurance billing tasks on autopilot – notably through its Remit AI software. Remit AI decreases insurance claim denials and gets practices paid faster. Zentist’s software minimizes human error, maximizes insurance payout, provides advanced analytics on revenue, and improves the patient-provider relationship.

About Great Lakes Dental Partners

Great Lakes Dental Partners is a dental support organization (DSO) committed to offering dentists and dental specialists the opportunity to focus on the clinical aspects of dentistry, providing exceptional care for every patient. With a centrally located support center, operational best practices, access to the latest dental technology, and a best-in-class continuing education program, GLDP is dedicated to advancing dental healthcare in the Midwest. For more information and a list of clinic locations, visit www.greatlakesdentalpartners.com

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