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19 July 2021

Evaluation of the efficacy of a new natural gel in non-surgical periodontal therapy

Authors: Giordano


The aim of this experimental in vivo research was to evaluate the efficacy of a new periodontal, topic, and natural gel (mainly made by flowers and fruits sodium bicarbonate and hyaluronic acid) as a substitute of Chlorhexidine operation, without the well-known side effects connected to her. The primary hypothesis is to test that the new natural gel can reduce significantly Bleeding on the Probing index, Plaque index, and Pocket depth index after non-surgical periodontal therapy, if compared to Chlorhexidine and a control group. 


30 patients have been selected according to the following inclusion criteria: 18-70 years old, periodontal pockets greater than 3mm, good compliance, and collaboration. The collected indexes were: Full Mouth Plaque Score, Full Mouth Bleeding Score, and Probing Pocket Depth. 30 patients have been divided into 3 groups: at T0 a collection of the indexes and professional dental hygiene have been conducted for each group. At T1 group C patients (Control group) had a Scaling and Roots planning treatment. Group A patients (Chlorhexidine group) had both an SRP treatment and the administration of periodontal gel Curasept Chlorhexidine 1% [Curasept S.p.A-Saronno (VA), Italy] into pockets. Group B patients (natural gel group) had both an SRP treatment and the administration of periodontal gel Klirich Pro [Itena Clinical-Villeponte, France] into pockets. Patients of groups A and B have been instructed to use their respective gel (Curasept Gel 1% for group A and Klirich Home Gel for group B) in the following 10 days after the treatment. After 40 days (T2) a check has been carried out, in which we have collected indexes, and eventually gel of groups A and B have been administered. Finally, 3 months after the check, indexes have been collected again and professional dental hygiene has been conducted.


The Full Mouth Plaque Score reduction of each group is Group A: 36%; Group B 41.3 %; group C: 12.9%.  The greater reduction of FMPS is in group B, followed by group A. Group C shows a significantly lower reduction of the index. Taking into consideration the Full Mouth Bleeding Score reduction: group A: 34.2%, Group B: 51%. Group C: 19%. Even then, group A and B have a significantly lower reduction if compared with group C. The median value of Probing Pocket Depth shows a reduction of 1.1 mm in group A and 0.9 in group B. Indeed, group C shows a reduction of 0.4 mm. 


Statistical analysis demonstrates that the use of the natural gel, combined with non-surgical periodontal therapy, has a statistically significant role (P<0.05) in the indexes reduction. Within the limits of this research, because of the limited number of patients and the follow-up, we can conclude that this natural gel shows comparable results to the group treated with Chlorhexidine gel, without showing side effects of pigmentation and dysgeusia.


Results gained from this experimental study underline the growing trend of using the natural gel as an adjuvant of non-surgical periodontal therapy. Further studies should be conducted in order to confirm efficacy (taking into account FMPS, FMBS, PPD indexes) and to exclude potential side effects. 

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