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30 August 2023

Comparison of dentin microstructure, correlation to fracture line in mandibular molars of young and older individuals


The aim of the study was to assess the presence and extent of sclerotic dentin and to study its impact on the direction of fracture lines in extracted mandibular first molars of young (20 to 44 years) and older age groups (45 and above).


Extracted permanent mandibular first molars were collected along with the related demographic details. A total of 40 teeth were included in this study, 20 each from young age group (YA group) (20-44yrs) and older age group (OA group) (45-70yrs). All molars were decoronated and the sectioned mesial roots were embedded in acrylic blocks. They were subjected to vertical force in a universal testing machine (Electropuls E3000; Instron, UK). Fractured roots were then examined under the stereomicroscope (M205 C; Leica, Germany) at 8X magnification to determine the direction & pattern of the fracture line. The roots were then sectioned and evaluated at 10X and 20X magnification to assess the dentin microstructure and its correlation with the direction of the fracture line. Statistical analysis was done using Chi square test (P < 0.05).


A greater incidence and degree of sclerotic dentin was found in the OA group as compared to the YA group which was statistically significant. The sclerotic dentin was distributed predominantly mesiodistally and the fracture line propagated buccolingually in both young and older groups which was statistically significant (P < 0.05).


The presence of sclerotic dentin mesiodistally may impede crack propagation in this direction for both young and older age groups, causing the fracture line to extend buccolingually in coronal third of the root.

Vinutha Jaganathan et al. "Comparison of dentin microstructure and its correlation to the direction of fracture line in mandibular molars of young and older individuals - in vitro study." Journal of Endodontics. 21 August 2023. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.joen.2023.08.007

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