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Travis Rodgers specializes in technology, strategy, fund raising and go-to market strategies and tools for dental software companies. He is currently vice president of business development for Revere Partners Venture Capital.

Rodgers' company, DrDDS Innovations, is best known for building many of the practice management integrations, custom software solutions, white labeled software, dental databases and marketing systems used by dental vendors and dental practices.

He has developed 27 different dental software programs and helped launch hundreds of dental products since 2003.

Rodgers grew up in Silicon Valley and is a lifelong entrepreneur. He is considered by many to be "The Technology Guy" in the dental industry. Rodgers was the first to develop the electronic referral, online scheduling and a patient file sharing app in the dental industry.

He is a speaker and consultant on technology and implementing change in dental practices. Find and connect with him on LinkedIn and subscribe to his Dental Venture Capital newsletter. 


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