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29 June 2020

Dental Practice in the era of SARS-CoV-2 pandemic: a checklist to enhance safety and good practice

Authors: F. Graziani, R. Izzetti, L. Lardani, M.L. Biancarini, M. Gabriele

The rapid and sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic brought us to reconsider many of the solid certainties that we have been accustomed as health care practitioners. The nature of our profession allows us to deal with the unknown on a regular basis. It is nonetheless a unique feature, and most probably never existed before, the swift change of paradigms that we are witnessing daily during these unforgettable months.

Our group tried from the very first moment to deal with possible suggestions for clinical practice during these dire times. Our results have ultimately produced a sort of checklist that we believe it is our duty to share with colleagues worldwide. However, some caveats are important, and the following precautions need to be adopted:
 - Our profession is risky due to the intimate closeness with unmasked patients. Thus, any professional must accept that there is a risk that cannot be nullified.
 - In this book we do not describe guidelines nor recommendations, but a sum of suggestions deriving from the available knowledge and the clinical experience of the authors. Current evidence is still lacking proper randomized clinical trials.
 - Please follow your government and ministry of health recommendations. These suggestions should not in anyway interfere with the former.
 - The suggestions may change swiftly as this is the nature of the ongoing clinical knowledge. Normally, in reading such comments we would be tempted to dismiss the book or, worse, being hit by an attack of grey pessimism.

We are facing history and we have no doubt that the medical and the dental community are ready for that.

For further information, please, check this link for free: https://www.edizionimartina.com/EdizioniMartina/DettagliTesti/651.asp

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