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15 June 2020

The site dedicated to “Clinical Trials in Dentistry” is born!

The scientific journal Clinical Trials in Dentistry (CTD), edited by Edra, has a site entirely reserved for it: http://www.clinicaltrialsindentistry.com .
In English and with a quarterly release, CTD aims to provide reliable scientific evidence to clinicians and patients on the most effective interventions available, today, in dentistry. Relevant and transparent randomized controlled trials, cohort studies, case-control studies and systematic reviews focusing on patient treatments are offered in the CTD pages.

Editor in Chief is Professor Marco Esposito, flanked by Associate Editors Jacopo Buti and Michele Nieri.

Browsing, you can view the abstracts of published articles and editorials for free; subscribers have access to all content.
On the site, in addition to being able to subscribe to the digital and online versions, it is possible to consult the guidelines for the presentation of the articles and submit their work to the examination of the referees through the peer review platform.
Manuscripts describing clinical conditions, patient management, clinical experience, treatment or diagnosis procedures or techniques, economic evaluation, new products and methods are welcome.

Priority will be given to high quality studies.

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