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07 January 2020

Welcome 2020: a new year with Dentistry33

Lorenzo Breschi

The beginning of a new year means new projects, new opportunities and new research possibilities.
There are no doubts that dentistry has made remarkable progresses over the past few decades thanks to the development of new technologies, innovative restoration materials, intraoral scanners and three-dimensional printing and, at the same time, it is experiencing a greatly accelerated development that will continue into the decade we have just entered.            

Together with the evolution of dentistry, patients needs and expectations are changing. The mean age of the world population is increasing and our healthcare system needs innovations to achieve more efficient and effective procedures for diagnosis and treatment, enabling more conservative procedures and better preventative care.            

The role of dental research is, indeed, to keep up with these changes and to make fundamental discoveries about biological systems function, to develop new materials, to understand their interaction with the oral environment and to innovate clinical procedures addressing the challenges and needs of tomorrow’s dentistry.            

With the new year, also at Dentistry33 we are focusing on the future, our 2020 resolutions will be to continue to work intensively to give the dentists a place where to read and discuss the latest research, where to connect with colleagues in an international context, and where to settle their doubts about current clinical procedures.
A fundamental goal for this 2020 is to increase the presentations of clinical cases from worldwide experts, in order to serve our readers not only the results of research studies, but also examples of good clinics applicable in the every day practice.

A new year is not just about changing the calendar; it is also about commitment and me, together with the editorial team, will continuously work hard to better serve readers! 

Prof. Lorenzo Breschi


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