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10 February 2020

3Di IOS: the intraoral scanner light as a turbine

A cutting-edge handpiece
With 3Di IOS it is possible to create an easy and precise intraoral scan, pleasant for the patient and advantageous for the dental practice. The experience accumulated by different dentists has been transferred to 3Di IOS starting from the ergonomics of the handpiece, designed to adapt to different handles. Just the handpiece is the heart of the system. One of the requirements most sought after by dentists concerns weight, possibly as light as a turbine. With its 150g, 3Di IOS is at the top of the category. The low weight, compactness and ergonomics of the handpiece allow you to interact with the instrumentation of the treatment center. For example, holding the syringe to dry the scan area is possible without having to store the handpiece of the 3Di IOS scanner. The tip can be oriented in 2 different positions: 0 ° for the scan of the lower arch and 180 ° for the scan of the upper arch. Keeping the handle of the handpiece in the maximum ergonomic position is possible at every stage of the scan. For a quality intraoral scan, the tip prism must remain free of fogging. 3Di IOS, as an alternative to the traditional heating system, uses a ventilation system. Present on the base of the handpiece, a small fan sucks in air, which cools the electronics. Consequently, the heated air arrives directly on the tip prism keeping it clean and free of condensation. The tip is washable, cold disinfectable and autoclavable with the cycle wrapped at 134 ° for 4 minutes. The USB 3.0 connection allows connection to both workstations and notebooks.  

Active Stereo Imaging is the latest generation technology used in the design of 3Di IOS 
It is a technology, tested and established in various 3D imaging applications. It guarantees high performance, such as speed and accuracy of scanning, and the scanner does not require calibration. The scanning and visualization of the 3D model are in color, which makes the digital experience for the patient realistic.The diagnostic skills and the details displayed, thanks to a color texture, are of great help. The different tissues (gingiva, dentine, enamel) and materials (amalgam, composites, ceramic, PMMA) are scanned fluently and without the use of opacifying powders, possibly useful only with highly shiny materials.     

A complete and functional software
The 3Di IOS scanning software is structured in the following work areas:
 • Patient Database, which stores the scan data, on which it is possible to intervene at any time.
 • Prescription that allows you to keep track of the restorations ordered at the Dental Laboratory.
 • Scan and export files.
The 3Di IOS scan files can be exported in three different formats: STL, PLY and OBJ which also contain the color texture information. "Artificial intelligence" software algorithms analyze the morphology of the scanned surfaces in an "intelligent" way filling the missing areas. These areas are colored and displayed directly on the 3D model and the operator can decide whether to add further scan data or activate the Finalization function. The registration in maximum intercuspidation, between the upper and lower arch, can take place automatically. Audio and visual feedback warns the operator of the occlusal connection of the arches. However, the 3Di IOS software also generates the separate file of the bite. This allows the dental laboratory to modify or recalculate the occlusion within the CAD software. If the scan size goes beyond the hemiarch, the software automatically activates the possibility of scanning two independent vestibular recordings, one on the right side and one on the left side of the patient. The correction function allows you to eliminate both large areas and small imperfections, which are corrected directly on the patient and then immediately proceed to a new scan. The ability to correct the impression, in real time, is also useful in cases of implant prosthesis or post provisional scans. 3Di IOS provides a specific procedure for scanning ScanBody useful for the design of rehabilitations on implants. After scanning the gingival situation, the ScanBody is screwed onto the implant and the scan is carried out, concentrating only on the landmark element. 3Di IOS can also be used as a camera for taking intraoral photos. Taken during the scan phase, the images are stored in the patient database, and can be viewed and sent to the Dental Laboratory together with the scan data.

Flexibility and without additional costs
The sending of scan files can be managed through the cloud services available on the network, through the cloud recommended by the dental laboratory, or simply by e-mail. The scan data is light and, with current ADSL lines, the sending times are a few seconds. Of course, you can save your scans directly to a USB key. The dentist who chooses 3Di IOS will have no additional costs to face: there are no costs for renewal of licenses or fees for scanning. The 3Di IOS warranty is 24 months.

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