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08 November 2019

The sustainable future of your dental practice

Manufacturers of dental supplies can make a huge difference when it comes to global warming by reducing greenhouse gases in their production. As a leading manufacturer of saliva ejectors, the Swedish company Orsing launched a product line entirely manufactured from renewable resources.

Hygovac® Bio Hygovac® Bio is an aspirator tube made of nearly 100% bio-based polyethylene, a polyethylene entirely made from sugarcanes (Green PE).1 Unlike traditional polyethylene where fossil raw materials such as oil and natural gas are used, sugarcanes are completely renewable. Hygovac® Bio was launched in two new lengths, 120 mm and 95 mm giving the user the opportunity to choose a length that suits the treatment. The 95 mm version provides easier access for hygienists and dentists when working without assistance. Less material is required during manufacture and the product takes less space during transportation and storage.

Hygoformic® Bio The original mouldable saliva ejector with tongue holder used by dentists worldwide for more than 50 years is now also available in eco-friendly Green PE. Hygoformic® Bio has a high suction capacity due to its 5 holes placed inside the coil design to avoid contact with the tongue and soft tissues. Hygoformic® Bio is adjustable in shape and size to any patient’s cheek and is also excellent for treatments at the back of the jaw. Hygoformic® Bio can be connected to any dental unit by the soft Hygoformic® Bio Adaptor manufactured in bio-based material.

Bio Cup Bio cup is Orsing’s new dental cup made of bamboo fibres. Bamboo is a completely renewable resource, grows fast and naturally without pesticides or fertilizers and self-regenerates from its own roots. Bamboo absorbs more CO2 and produces more oxygen than trees. Research in Japan has demonstrated that bamboo can absorb as much as 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare per year, giving the plant a potentially crucial role in stabilising our planet’s atmosphere.

Sustainable all the way In addition to the production of the completely fossil free aspirator tube, the increased awareness of the environment at Orsing has led to improvements in the material used in the packaging of different products. Hygoformic Bio and Bio Adaptor are packed in Biodolomer®, an innovative fully industrial compostable and biodegradable bioplastic certified according to EN13432 European standard. Biodolomer® is made of calcium carbonate, sugar cane, rape seed and biodegradable PBS.  

Why are Orsing’s bio products renewable and not recyclable/biodegradable/compostable? Dental clinic wastes such as saliva ejectors and disposable mouth rinse cups that have been produced in the course of treating a patient are generally considered as biomedical hazardous wastes. Regulations differ from one country to another but due to their quantity, concentration and biological properties these wastes require special handling, most commonly disposal by incineration. There is therefore no value in producing recyclable/biodegradable/compostable saliva ejectors and cups while renewable materials with a carbon footprint close to 0 have tangible environmental advantages. Where waste-to-energy power plant are used for waste combustion, non-toxic Green PE and bamboo are recycled into electricity.    

Orsing AB is a division of DirectaDentalGroup. Further information contact orsing@orsing.se or visit www.orsing.se

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