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21 February 2021

Laser in Dentistry: medicolegal problems and implications

Authors:Maria Sofia Rini, Marco Brady Bucci, Maurizio Marini, Dario Brady Bucci, Diego D’Urso

OBJECTIVES. The aim of this work is to identify the effectiveness and criticality of laser use in dentistry in the light of medico-legal evaluations. 

MATERIALS AND METHODS. We analyze the characteristics of dental lasers, scientific evidence and some cases of litigation. We want to stimulate a conscious use of the laser and reduce unwanted effects. The negative side effects are the cause of litigation and disputes frequently.

RESULTS. The use of laser technology in medicine in dentistry is a reality that will find more and more applications. This use presupposes a knowledge of the fundamental principles of physics, mechanics and human tissues, as well as of the reference standards for the protection of patients and operators. The prevention of unwanted events and litigation passes from a profound knowledge of the subject

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