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22 June 2020

Edra live Webinars with Prof. Esposito and Prof. Testori - Maxillary sinus lift and its alternatives in the treatment of atrophic maxillae

Sinus elevation surgery has become a sought -after part of implant dentistry and procedures have evolved over the last 25 years to a point where sinus grafting surgery is considered one of the most successful augmentation procedures performed today with an excellent survival rate of implants placed in these grafts. The sinus elevation procedure is still evolving today due to the development of new surgical techniques and new biomimetic technologies.
 The course will present, through interactive videos, sinus elevation surgery and possible alternatives to sinus elevation from planning to surgical execution. Current evidence-based information will be presented. The objectives of this course is to give general practitioners a complete overview of indications and procedures of the sinus lift surgery in order to approach this surgery in safety and security with appraisal of possible alternative treatments. Those who has already a good experience in sinus lift surgery attending these webinars can obtain further confirmation of their skills.  

For further information: https://www.edrausa.com/category/edra-class

Course objectives
Participants will learn:

  • Rationale for a correct pre-operative planning,
  • Step-by-step surgical techniques,
  • Diagnosis and management of complications,
  • Alternative treatments to restore the atrophic maxilla,
  • The scientific evidence behind these procedures.


Date Hour Topic Description Speaker
Tuesday July 7 6 PM CET 45 min lecture + 15 min Q&A The scientific evidence in maxillary sinus elevation In this introductory webinar, both the principles of evidence-based practice and the evidence about sinus lift procedures will be presented. Be prepared to some surprises, since some of the predominant current widespread clinical beliefs may not be supported by the available scientific evidence. It is hoped that this seminar will stimulate questions and will clarify the fundamental role of an evidence-based approach for helping clinicians in taking sound clinical decisions. Marco Esposito
Tuesday July 14 6 PM CET 45 min lecture + 15 min Q&A The digital/analogical diagnosis in the maxillary sinus surgery 1. Anatomy and TC/CBCT evaluation: What the clinician sees in reality vs what he can see in a TC/CBCT evaluation   2. Pre-surgical diagnosis: . Criteria for patient evaluation . Criteria for site-specific evaluation . Sinus physiology . Contraindications from the otorinolaryngological point of view Three-dimensional diagnostic assessments have a decisive value in pre-surgical treatment planning, especially in situations in which the alveolar process has pronounced resorption, and therefore insufficient bone volume for placing endosseous implants. Follow a CBCT evaluation, it seems appropriate to underline the need for each candidate of a sinus lift operation to first undergo a careful clinical history investigation. If necessary, suitable specialist collaboration (otorhinolaryngologist) must be requested. It can be concluded that, with current knowledge,. Tiziano Testori
Tuesday September 1 6 PM CET 45 min lecture + 15 min Q&A Short implants as alternatives to maxillary sinus elevation In this webinar the long-term outcome of implant-supported prostheses placed in lifted sinuses will be properly compared with those of short implants placed in patients with similar characteristics. Typically, patients having residual bone height below the sinus of 4 to 7 mm. Complications will be described and clinicians could better decide about the most likely successful procedures for their patients, basing their decisions not only on intuitions and anecdotes but also on the current available scientific evidence Marco Esposito
Thursday September 10 6 PM CET 45 min lecture + 15 min Q&A Surgical procedures step-by-step. Video session commented LIVE: . the lateral approach . the crestal approach The sinus elevation procedure is still evolving due to the development of new surgical techniques and new biomimetic technologies; however, there is still no unanimous consensus on when to adopt the lateral or crestal approach. The webinar will present state of the art step by step surgical procedures and the rationale on when to utilize the lateral approach vs crestal approach. Tiziano Testori
Tuesday October 20 6 PM CET 45 min lecture + 15 min Q&A Zygomatic, pterygoid, trans-sinus, tilted implants, and long cantilevered prostheses as alternatives to sinus lift There are many other options for rehabilitating atrophic maxillae apart from sinus lift procedures and short implants. Many of these procedures are not back-up by solid scientific evidence, but may work clinically. A critical review of the literature will be made focusing on the available evidence and particular emphasis will be given to complications, that, as in the case of zygomatic implants, may be also severe. Likely in the near future, these alternative treatment options will be investigated more systematically. Marco Esposito
Wednesday October 28 6 PM CET 45 min lecture + 15 min Q&A Alternative treatment plans when sinus lift procedure is not the first option: . Short implants . Tilted implants . Transinus implants . Pre-post sinus implants Insufficient bone volume in the posterior maxilla is not in itself an indication for performing a lateral window maxillary sinus augmentation without considering available alternatives. With regards to the clinical condition, there are different treatments that have been proposed as alternatives to lateral window sinus augmentation: • short implants • tilted implants and trans-sinus implants • pre- and post-sinus implants • fixed prostheses with distal cantilever The lecture will address the pros and cons of the different therapeutic alternatives in an evidence based approach. Tiziano Testori
Tuesday December 1 6 PM CET 45 min lecture + 15 min Q&A How to avoid complications in sinus lift surgery? . How to prepare the surgery room in Covid-19 phase 2. Which difference compared conventional protocol . Diagnosis and management of post-operative infections Sinus complications may occur intra-operatively, in the early postoperative period, or in the late postoperative period, late complications may occur months or years after surgery and are due to improperly treated maxillary sinusitis. The aim of the lecture is to give clinical recommendations on how to prevent, diagnose, and treat intra and post-operative infections. Tiziano Testori

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