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05 June 2019

Immediate-loading implants in fully edentulous: 10-years survival

Lara Figini

Implant osseointegration takes several months at a minimum, and in these months oral function temporarily worsens and patients suffer during the healing period, both for aesthetic and functional reasons. To achieve immediate function in edentulous patients, immediate-loading implant treatment protocols have been designed.
One such treatment is the All-on-4 treatment, which aims to minimize surgical invasion. It is characterized by full-arch rehabilitation with at least four implants, immediate function, a screw-retained superstructure, a graftless procedure.  

In a clinical study published on Journal of Prosthodontic Research January 2019, the authors evaluated long-term clinical outcomes and risk factors for immediate loading implants in the treatment of completely edentulous jaws.
The authors retrospectively studied 220 implants in 52 patients who received immediate-loading implants in completely edentulous jaws. For the statistical analyzes, Kaplan-Meier survival analysis, log-rank test and multi-level mixed survival parametric analysis were used.      

Thirteen implants in seven patients failed. 10-year cumulative implant survival rate was 93.9 % and significantly (p = 0.049) higher in women than in men. None of the predictor variables were significantly associated with implant survival, although sex tended to be associated with implant survival.     

By this Japanese clinical study it can be concluded that immediate loading implant treatment for completely edentulous jaws offers acceptable long-term clinical results (10 years).  In cases of edentulism where the patient shows an important discomfort, the dentist can trust in the long-term success of the immediate-loading implants.

(Photo Credit: Vincenzo Castellano)

For additional informations: 
Ten-year survival of immediate-loading implants in fully edentulous mandibles in the Japanesepopulation: a multilevel analysis.

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