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08 April 2020

Root canal retreatment: new solutions for old problems

Live Webinar with Prof. Massimo Gagliani

Title: Root canal retreatment: new solutions for old problems. 
Author: Prof. Massimo Gagliani
Time: 8pm GMT+2 – 2pm EST – 11am PST.  
Price: $ 49.99 (included taxes)
Terms of payment: send mail to orders.usa@edrapublishing.com

Learning object: Root Canal Retreatment might be a very complex dental procedure; therefore, the training objective is to allow the participants to focus on the real indications for retreatment,  suggesting the best therapeutic alternatives, connecting them to the pre-operative status of the teeth and the skills and the equipments needed to accomplish root canal retreatment in the best way. 

Why to partecipate: To have a useful update and valid experiences that can be transferred to clinical practice.
Educational path: The work plan in case of root canal retreatment (when to retract, why not retract or when to choose another therapeutic option); Root canal reprocessing: rational, problems and technical solutions; Complex reprocessing: possibility of recovering materials and equipment.

  • on 10th April, Live webinar with Prof. Gagliani

    on 10th April, Live webinar with Prof. Gagliani

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